Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Dental Solutions

3DS Advance Appliances are the most advanced technology in oral appliances, scientifically tested and proven to be one of the best available treatments for snoring/ sleep apnoea and bruxism in patients. An exciting alternative to the traditional CPAP machines!

Eden Rise dental has partnered with the most experienced Australian Sleep Physicians to provide detailed sleep analysis studies done in the comfort of your own home.

Australian designed and manufactured, the oral appliances are made of 3D printed nylon materials down to 1mm in thickness which is virtually unbreakable in the mouth, yet light enough to wear comfortably leaving you to feel refreshed and energized in the morning.

An exciting alternative to the traditional CPAP machine.
A revolution in oral appliances!

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Dental Solutions

Our snoring & sleep apnoea services include:

  • Patient sleep appliance consultation
  • Detailed sleep analysis
  • Oral appliance therapies
  • Solutions for snoring
  • Solutions for sleep apnoea
  • Solutions for bruxism
  • Scientifically tested and proven
  • Australian designed and manufacture oral appliances

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