A Comprehensive Guide To Partial Dentures

We’ve discussed dentures before in a past blog, but today the experts at our Berwick dental clinic will be diving into partial dentures exclusively and exploring everything there is to know about them. Just like any artificial change to your mouth, partial dentures can take a bit of time to get used to – in terms of both using them and how they feel in your mouth – but they hold many benefits and help a lot of people cope with day-to-day life.

What counts as a partial denture?

Partial dentures are plates that will contain one or more false teeth. These plates can be removed – similar to the way a retainer is – and are typically made from plastic and metal. Clips will help hold the dentures in place whilst they are in your mouth. If a partial denture is made entirely of plastic, then it tends to be cheaper but can sometimes damage the surrounding teeth unless it is constructed very precisely.

Cobalt-chromium alloys – or in some cases titanium – make up metal partial dentures. These are more expensive but are lighter to wear and much better quality. They’re also finished with a colouring that makes them look like natural gums – giving them a more seamless fit and aesthetic integration.


When would I need partial dentures?

When you lose one or more of your teeth, then you should consider partial dentures. The reasons for this aren’t just to do with aesthetics – it’s also important for your dental health. When you lose teeth, the remaining adjoining teeth will have to compensate whenever you bite down. With the gap left by the missing tooth, the adjacent teeth will be pushed into partially occupying that gap.

This can lead to food becoming stuck in your teeth more often, which could result in tooth decay and gum disease. The soft tissue around the bone where your missing tooth was may also begin to shrink. Partial dentures will help to keep the gaps occupied and active so that no problems can occur. They’ll also stop the adjacent teeth from leaning over. In addition to these reasons, they also help give people the confidence to smile again since they have their teeth restored closely to what they once were – if not better.


Fitting partial dentures

The dentists at our Berwick dental clinic will take an impression of your mouth that will then be used to create a 3D model. The model is then used as a base to form your custom-made partial dentures. If you’ve had teeth removed, then the tissue around the removed teeth will need to heal before the partial denture can be used.

Over time, the inside of your mouth will shift, and you will have to have your partial dentures refitted. As soon as you notice your partial dentures feeling loose or uncomfortable, you should contact a specialist at our Berwick dental clinic.


Eating with partial dentures

As with normal dentures or false teeth, you should begin with soft foods and eat slowly. Ground meat, soup, cooked vegetables and boiled eggs are all great options to start with. Be wary around hotter beverages and meals as detecting the temperature may be hard to do at first – so take it easy as not to burn your mouth.

Taking small bites and keeping the pressure even across your mouth is a good tip as well. As you get used to eating with partial dentures more and more, you can move on to other foods. It is advised that you avoid chewing gum, hard candy and tougher red meats as these can possibly lead to damage.


Caring for your partial dentures

A light brushing of your partial dentures with a soft-bristled brush is recommended twice a day to remove plaque and any food that may be stuck in them. Be careful not to bend them at all as they won’t fit properly afterwards and may cause you some discomfort.

When you finish brushing them at night, leave them to soak in a denture-cleaning solution overnight. This will cleanse them and prevent any cracking that may occur if they’re left out overnight. It will also give your mouth a chance to rest whilst you sleep.


Are you in need of partial dentures?

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