All About Cosmetic Dentistry

How our smile looks is something that can greatly affect our self-confidence. From having photos taken to meeting new people, there are a number of situations in which we might be self conscious about the aesthetics of our teeth. In today’s blog, we gain some insight into how exactly one might improve their smile.

What is cosmetic dentistry?


Cosmetic dentistry embodies a number of procedures that you can undertake to improve the look of your teeth. There are a variety of cosmetic procedures that can fix various aesthetic problems – from chipped teeth, to discolouration, to worn out or missing teeth.


Teeth whitening


Discolouration is a common problem experienced by many people. It can be caused by ageing, poor dental care, exposure to staining substances (including cigarettes and coffee) or can be inherited. Luckily, teeth whitening is also a common solution. Professional bleaching involves the application of whitening gel to the teeth, which lifts the stains from them. Depending on the dental recommendation, you may also be given teeth whitening kits for you to complete at home over a number of weeks.




If you are self-conscious about the colour and/or shape of your teeth, then veneers may be for you. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic that are stuck onto the front teeth in order to conceal discolouration, crooked or chipped teeth. The dentist customises the veneers to fit your teeth, which requires multiple consultations before procedure.


Dental implants


If missing or diseased teeth negatively impact your self-esteem and make you feel distressed –you’re not alone in feeling this way! What you may consider are dental implants. These are screw-like replacements for teeth designed to last like real teeth. Provided that your jawbone is strong, you may be eligible for the procedure.




Used to correct missing teeth due to sports injury, aging or tooth decay, dentures are removable replacements for your teeth and gums. Dentures can either be full or partial, and are fitted over your gums and jawbone, appearing just like regular teeth. Aside from the aesthetic properties of dentures, they can also support your facial structure and allow you to eat foods that weaker teeth cannot bite through.


Book a cosmetic consultation


If you are concerned about how your teeth look or if you’d like to see if you’re eligible for a cosmetic procedure, the best thing to do is to book a consultation with professionals. Looking for cosmetic dentistry in Berwick? Eden Rise Dental offers all the cosmetic procedures listed above. Contact our friendly team on (03) 9702 6111 today.