Am I Too Old For Braces? 

No matter you’re age, everyone wants an attractive and healthy-looking smile. But if you’re unsatisfied with the current appearance of your teeth and are of an older vintage, are braces the right choice? Well, keep reading, as we discuss in this week’s blog whether or not there is an age limit for braces. 

How do braces work? 

Braces correct crooked teeth by placing pressure on them to alter their position. Out of all the different orthodontic appliances, braces are the most common. They are incredibly versatile and can move teeth in various directions at once. Braces rely on the use of brackets, which are bonded to the tooth surfaces. Archwires are then threaded through the brackets to direct the force being applied to the teeth. These wires can be specifically designed to apply different pressures to individual teeth.    

Pros and cons 

In comparison to their prior models, today’s braces are a lot more comfortable and unobtrusive. The wires are more effective and less noticeable. There are also more styles of braces to choose from, such as gold brackets and wires, as well as coloured wires and elastics.  

However, despite the advancements braces have made, some still opt for less noticeable choices such as clear alignment options.    

Am I too old for braces? 

While childhood and adolescent is the best time to change the positioning of one’s teeth, you can still receive great results with braces in your adult life. Although, there are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering getting braces later in life: 

  • As adult bones have stopped growing, some structural changes can only be achieved with surgery. 
  • The process of correcting your teeth might take longer than if you had taken these measures as a child or adolescent. While the time it takes to straighten your teeth differs for each individual, treatments typically last around two years.  
  • For those getting braces as an adult, you may also need to visit a periodontist, as well as your general dentist and orthodontist to ensure the treatment suffers no complications from bone loss caused by gum disease. 

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