Bad Breath: 5 Ways To Tell A Loved One

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There are a few things in this world that are more uncomfortable than bad breath. This can be especially intolerable when it’s someone that you spend a lot of time with. Bad breath is a result of a few different things and there are several remedies to this issue. If the person with bad breath is someone close to you, then letting them know can sometimes be a difficult and uncomfortable thing to do. Luckily for you, our Berwick dentists have put together five ways that you can do exactly that for today’s blog.

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1.    Pretend to have the same issue

A great way to subtlety bring up the topic is by pretending that you also have bad breath and discussing it with the person. Through this, you can also discuss possible remedies that you may be considering in a hope that it may trigger a thought within them. Ask them questions such as “do you think my breath smells?” to get them more involved in the interaction.

2.    Offer remedies

Chewing gum is probably the easiest remedy for bad breath in any environment. Offering a stick of gum to them is a subtle hint that may make them think that maybe there’s a particular reason they should accept the gum. Taking a piece of gum yourself before offering one to them is a handy trick to coerce them even further into taking it.

A dry mouth is something that can lead to bad breath so even offering water can be effective – though probably a little too subtle in comparison to offering chewing gum.

3.    Suggest they take a test

This is a somewhat less subtle approach, but effective nonetheless. This is especially effective if the bad breath is a lot worse than usual. Suggest that your loved one lick their wrist and then smell it after it has dried. This is a sure way to get them to realise that they have bad breath. If there is any plaque on their teeth, then scraping it and smelling it is another way to confirm.

If you politely insist on them taking a test such as this, and it turns out they do have bad breath, then it will also let them know that you were trying to subtlety alert them to this fact in the first place – which they will probably appreciate. Remember to be supportive and offer solutions such as good oral hygiene practises.

4.    Leave hints

There are two different ways you can tackle this tip. The first relates to dropping subtle hints during a conversation. Mention other people who you both know to have bad breath or casually mention common causes of bad breath. This will most likely get the message across.

The second way is by leaving literal hints such as chewing gum around their room or on their desk. This can be a bit of a gamble as they risk either thinking nothing of it or missing it altogether – but persistence is key in these situations.

5.    Tell them

Depending on how close you are and what your relationship is with the person, you may be able to just tell them directly that they have bad breath. The trick to this is to be gentle and do it in private. The aim is not to make them feel ashamed or embarrassed, but to help them move forward and towards remedying the issue.

Again, this depends on the dynamic of your relationship with the person. If you feel comfortable enough doing this then maybe buy some specialised toothpaste or a pack of chewing gum to give them as well. Sit down with them and research what causes bad breath to help mitigate the issue.

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One of the easiest ways to cure bad breath is to ensure you brush your teeth twice daily and floss once a day. These actions also help fight gum disease and keep your teeth healthy – which means you won’t have to visit the dentist for anything other than regular check-ups.

Sometimes, it’s hard to avoid unforeseen complications though, which is where Eden Rise Dental comes into the mix. Our Berwick dentists are highly qualified and trained dentists with years of experience. They’re able to perform a variety of services and help you better understand dental hygiene for you and your loved one.

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