How your Dental Needs Change as you Age

Just like the rest of your body, the health needs for your teeth change over time. The basics stay the same when it comes to your every day dental care, you brush, you floss, you rinse and you visit your dentist once every six months. However, now that you are a little older there are some extra things you need to consider. In this blog, we will be looking at how your oral health is affected by age and provide a few tips to keep your smile healthy.


As we get older your gums will gradually start to recede, making your teeth more susceptible to cavities. Exposed teeth make it easier for bad bacteria to build up and in a worst-case scenario it can lead to serious damage including infection and tooth loss.

There are a number of reasons why your gums may recede, you could have a treatable gum disease or you could be brushing your teeth too hard. It’s not uncommon and there are ways to prevent it depending on the cause.

If you notice that your gums are receding don’t stress too much, just talk to your dentist. They will be able to advise you on how to best prevent any further damage.

Dry mouth

If you are taking a medication that has dry mouth as a side-effect it can affect your dental health.  The problem here is that saliva helps maintain healthy teeth and gums by neutralising bacteria. So when we don’t have enough of it, the risk of disease and decay increases.

It’s nothing to stress over, maintaining saliva levels while on medication is easily managed. One good way to moisten your mouth is hold water in your mouth for a few seconds before you swallow.


Life’s little enjoyments can build up can leave its mark on your smile. Over time things like caffeine, alcohol and tobacco can stain and discolour your teeth.

There are a lot of whitening products on the market, but as we get older these products won’t work as well. It might be worth looking into cosmetic dentistry to see what is the best option for you.


The best thing you can do for your dental health is to keep an eye out for any changes in the shape and colour of your teeth. Seeing your dentist, who is familiar with your dental needs, on a regular basis will make it easier for you maintain a healthy smile.

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