Making Oral Health Fun For Kids

Dental Care Tips from your local Berwick Dental Clinic.

It’s hard to get your kids to care for their teeth. It may seem like a chore to them, and at a young age, they won’t completely understand the importance of oral hygiene. That’s why our kids friendly dentists at Eden Rise Dental Clinic suggest to try and turn it into a fun activity rather than a dreary duty. This way, they will also associate oral hygiene with having fun! There a few different ways you can do this, and today our kids friendly dentists are sharing the best ways you can turn oral hygiene into a fun activity.


Create a narrative

Kids have wild and vivid imaginations. So, why not play into that and create a story where brushing their teeth is the only way to save the day? An example of this could be where the teeth are the forest and a long winter has fallen over it. Only by brushing can the forest be restored to its former glory.

The more involved you get in the narrative, the more excited your children will get about it and start to treat it as a game. Think of it like an interactive novel. There are many stories and scenarios you can choose from, where each time your child and the toothbrush are the heroes.

Dance party

Establishing that when it’s time to brush your teeth, it’s also dance time, is an exciting way our Berwick dentist likes to encourage oral hygiene from kids. Putting together a playlist of different songs that your child can dance along to whilst brushing their teeth adds a positive spin to the activity. They keep their teeth healthy and have a good time simultaneously.

Encouragement through media

In addition to vivid imaginations, kids also love visuals. Showing them a book or video that directly relates to oral hygiene encouragement can make a huge difference. This can be something they watch whilst they brush or even something they can watch or read beforehand to get them excited to brush their teeth.

Using themed toothbrushes that feature some of their favourite cartoon or movie characters on them is another fantastic way to encourage oral hygiene. If their heroes are on their toothbrushes, then they’ll think that brushing their teeth may actually be pretty cool. Pairing this with one of the above ideas will increase the chance of fun even more so.

Do it with them

Children love to copy adults, whether it’s mannerisms, language or even wanting to be what their mentors are when they grow up. So, brushing and flossing with your child on a daily basis will increase the chance of them seeing it as a positive thing rather than something they’re forced to do. If they see that even you – an adult that they look up to – do it, then they’re more likely to continue to do it of their own accord in the future.

Time it in a fun way

It’s important for children to brush for at least two minutes, twice a day. So, whether you’re brushing with them or not, consider having them time their brushing time. This may sound like it’s making it more of a chore, but our Berwick dentist suggests using a fun timer like an hourglass. If you get a two-minute hourglass, then they can watch it run down as they’re brushing. Or, for a more interactive experience, a one-minute hourglass can be used so they can flip it around when it runs out. This way, they’ll know they’re halfway through and also get to flip it themselves while brushing.

Berwick dentist visits

Ideally, your child should visit the dentist every six months, but sometimes that can seem daunting to the child. A way around the negative feeling they may have is to buy them a fluffy friend to take with them. If they have a stuffed animal or toy to accompany them then they may feel more comfortable on the trip. Another tip is to pick the right dentist. A children’s dentist who knows how to interact with kids and whose room is decked out with toys and fun wallpapers will improve your child’s comfort during a dental check-up.

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