What’s Causing My Toothache?

While the dentist isn’t the most pleasant place, toothaches aren’t normal. If your teeth or gums are in pain in any way, you should seek help from a dentist as soon as possible. However, sometimes it can help to understand why your teeth ache, so in this article we’ll be going over the top ten reasons why you may be in pain.

Orthodontic alignment

Dental alignment systems such as braces and retainers are a common reason for oral discomfort. There is usually pain after your specialist has made adjustments, but these should subside in a few days. If severe pain persists after this time, consider consulting your orthodontist for advice.

Misaligned teeth

Teeth that are not aligned properly may press against other teeth, causing them to move and shift out of place. Impacted wisdom teeth, or wisdom teeth that have not emerged through the gum line, can also cause this to occur. It can be incredibly painful, and may require braces or surgery in some cases.

Grinding your teeth

Usually done while asleep or in stressful situations, teeth grinding can lead to tooth, jaw and neck pain. It may be best to address the mental symptoms that lead you to grind your teeth, or to ask your dentist for a custom mouthguard to use while asleep.

Incorrect brushing or flossing technique

Some of us may not pay attention to the pressure we’re using when brushing or flossing, and this can lead to irritation and inflammation of the gums.

Damaged fillings

When fillings are breached, the deep pits or grooves they protect underneath may be at risk. This can make your teeth extra sensitive to extreme temperatures, bacteria and food particles.

Temperature sensitivity

If you’re sensitive to very cold or hot food, this can mean that the enamel on your tooth has been worn down. The tooth’s dentin, which is the layer where the tooth’s nerves are, may then be exposed. Try to use a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth, as this may ease pain.

Fractured teeth

There are many ways that your teeth can be fractured, from sport injuries to biting down on something hard. All fractures and chips should be attended to right away, as they can get worse over time and become incredibly painful.

Tooth abscess

If tooth decay reaches the root beneath the visible tooth, it is highly likely that the root of the tooth and its surrounding tissue have become infected. This is very serious and requires immediate attention from a professional, and you may experience wide-reaching, pulsating pain through the mouth.

Gum disease

Often caused by inflammation of the gums and oral bone, gum disease is characterised by dull pain and red, bleeding gums. If left untreated, it may infect the rest of the mouth, including teeth.

Tooth decay

While it’s extremely common, tooth decay should always be dealt with immediately, before it turns into worse dental issues.
If you’re suffering with any of the pain mentioned above, seek help from a dental professional immediately. Eden Rise Dental are a local dentist in Berwick, and provide high quality treatment. Get in touch by calling 03 9702 6111 today.