Wonky Smile? Teeth Realignment Options For You

Do you have crooked teeth? For those of us suffering from severely misaligned teeth, there can be negative social consequences. But never fear- there are options for you! Regardless of your realignment needs, there’s something for everyone. In this week’s article, we’ll be running through three major teeth realignment options so that you can keep a smile on your dial!

What’s wrong with having crooked teeth?

Apart from some social stigma, having crooked teeth can actually bring up major issues. These range from dental decay due to oral hygiene issues, to sleep problems as a result of sleep apnea. Other problems include; jaw pain, greater propensity towards teeth fracture, sensitivity and gum pain.

What are my options?

The main treatment option for realignment is the application of orthodontic appliances. Otherwise known as braces, these are a great choice for crooked teeth. There are both removable braces, and fixed braces; the latter attaches to the teeth by dental adhesive bands that fit to the tooth like a hoop.

When it comes to fixed braces, you have three main options. Firstly, metal is the most common form of braces. These are “glued” onto the teeth, and are generally silver in colour, and square in shape- though there are other styles available for the budding individualist too! Secondly, clear plastic fixed braces are those that use clear or transparent brackets to attach the wires to the teeth. These still use metal, but are much less noticeable than metal braces. Lingual braces are the third option, and these are attached to the back side of the teeth, where the tongue is found. Though they are essentially invisible, unfortunately there are limitations as to what they can fix.

Are there any other realignment options available?

If braces aren’t what you want for your teeth realignment, there is also the option of surgical orthodontics. However, this option is unable to fix abnormal jaw positioning, and should only be used in conjunction with other jaw treatments. There is also the option for ‘clip-on smiles’! These are fake teeth you can use in your mouth, but be wary of going too cheap with this.

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